The Poole Law Firm understands that there are few matters more personal, emotional and complicated than those related to personal and family legal disputes. It is essential to speak with an experienced and supportive attorney who will guide you through the process and empathetically listen to all of your concerns.

Attorney Susan C. Berry handles all cases personally, combining her expertise in family law with caring, individualized counsel to help clients through what can be a particularly difficult period of their lives.

The areas in which Ms. Berry is preeminent include:


When you decide to end your marriage, it is very important that you understand your rights and obligations. It is equally important to speak with an ethical and professional attorney who can provide you personalized recommendations for your situation.

Divorce and separation is not as straightforward as it might sound. In fact, separation involves complex issues of finance and support, child-rearing, debts and obligations and property divisions among other issues.

A separation agreement allows a client to maintain personal control over the outcome of his or her situation.

It is a detailed contract, which contains an agreement based on the rights and obligations of both the husband and the wife with respect to all issues related to the marital relationship. This may include custody of the children, retirement and various other issues that can arise as a result of marriage.

Through such an agreement, clients meet their objectives in a manner that isn’t as stressful as seeking the court’s help through a divorce case. Additionally, out of court settlements are far less expensive than seeking the court’s assistance to resolve the issues.


Ms. Berry represents Fathers and Mothers in child support and custody matters.  She can assist you in designing a parenting plan that focuses on your child’s best interests while assuring that you continue playing an active role in your child’s life.

When parties are in conflict it can have a devastating impact on children. It is our aim to provide clients with the knowledge and strategies that can best serve their children. At times it is necessary to protect the child while limiting a parent’s access to a child. Whether it is an extreme situation requiring a restricted contact, or cooperative parenting, Ms. Berry will provide the legal support to permit clients to pursue their goals for their children.


If you are planning your marriage or are already married, you may be considering a Prenuptial or Postnuptial agreement.

These agreements settle important rights and obligations that arise as a result of your marriage. In order to determine if such an agreement is right for you, it is best to consult the Poole Law Firm.

A Prenuptial Agreement can set forth what will happen to a couple’s income and assets in the event the marriage ends in death, divorce or separation.

A Postnuptial or Post Marital Agreement is an agreement made between a husband and wife anytime after marriage that determines property and support rights in the event the marriage ends in divorce or death.

Ms. Berry has extensive experience in a wide variety of pre-marital and post-marital agreements.


Adoption is viewed more and more as an appealing option for creating or expanding a family. The Poole Law Firm understands the importance and sensitive nature of the process. Ms. Berry helps educate clients on how to navigate the legal and social waters to a successful adoption.


The Poole Law Firm can assist with the drafting and implementation of appropriate guardianship arrangements, whether private or requiring imposition by a Court.